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Writing Prompt: Spin the Wheel

This is too fun not to share. In order to get a prompt, go to the Scholastic website and spin their story wheel. If you share your writing in the comments, please put the prompt you got first. I choose an “adventure” 4th-6th grade-level prompt:

Screenshot of Scholastic "story starters" site

List five qualities of an inquisitive gerbil, who must locate a secret vault.

Now trip your own creativity wire and write, write, write!



One thought on “Writing Prompt: Spin the Wheel

  1. Prompt: “Write a myth about a self-conscious movie star who ages 20 years in one day.”

    Kim sat up in bed. Each nerve, ligament, and tendon was on fire.

    “Goddamn it. If that other guy Dr. Mangorian passed me off to…”

    Kim rubbed her eyes. Her lids were soft, like crumpled tissue. Indigestion bubbled up inside her. She slid down from her bed, which, though it had a luxury, super-soft, triple-stuffed down mattress, had never bothered her before. Now her knees ached when her feet hit the floor.

    She padded into the bathroom without her glasses, squinting at the hand towels as she peed. Without her glasses, they were just whitish blobs. Then she stood in front of the vanity to rinse her hands (“Who needs soap when you only peed?” Kim always thought), and, though her reflection first thing in the morning after a gala–particularly one where she’d eaten big platefuls of salty food–pained her, Kim glanced up at her reflection. Even through the blur, her face just wasn’t right. Kim’s stomach chased itself in tiny circles.

    Running as fast as her stiff knees would allow into the bedroom, she fumbled for her glasses. Kim shoved them on her face and noted that, as her hands slid past her cheeks, they were doughier than usual. And papery. She ran a hand through her hair: it was dryer, thinner.

    “Oh. My. God.”

    This time Kim didn’t run to the bathroom. She didn’t want to know. When she got to the door, she paused for a moment, heart galloping, before flipping the light switch.

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