The words personality and construction equipment

My faults. And some things that aren’t.

I have deep rivets behind my ears from a lifetime of glasses.

I have one fungusy toenail that I hide with nail polish.

I hate shaving my legs in the summertime, but do it anyway.

I’m a chronic insomniac and get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. Unless I get so little sleepy that I’m slap-happy, in which case you might think I’m a lot of fun.

I’m an introvert and when I don’t feel like talking with people it’s probably pretty obvious.

I sometimes walk away from people rather than invent a way to politely excuse myself when I simply have nothing left to say.

I’ve wasted half my life taking rambling walks.

I like to sleep late.

It’s easy to talk me out of hard work.

I move my lips when I talk to myself.

Sometimes my inner Social Justice Warrior gets the better of me and tells me to say things that make me sound like a hypocrite.

I hate that people still drive gas-powered vehicles, myself included. Especially Hummers.

I get angry about all the trash we create, but, since I haven’t figured out a way not to create it, I feel perpetually guilty.

I get angry when people are exploited, even the small, everyday injustices that are often overlooked.

I like big interesting clouds, even if it means rain.

I’ve been known to stop and observe caterpillars/ants/spiders/birds for upwards of 10 minutes.

When I take walks, I greet every friendly looking dog that I pass.

I love offering children treats.

I write awful, sentimental poetry that–at least for a few weeks–I think is fantastic.

I think self-destruction is a normal reaction to a crazy world.

I think it’s boring to only be around people of one race/ethnicity/nationality.

It pisses me off when people don’t stop for pedestrians and bicyclists in crosswalks, even though I sometimes don’t stop either.

I hate self-righteous people.

I hate arrogant people.

Sometimes I’m self-righteous and arrogant.

I hate being proven wrong, but pretend that I don’t.

If you, reader, would like to share some of your faults–or things about you that aren’t–please do so in the comments.


6 thoughts on “My faults. And some things that aren’t.

  1. Amen 🙂 ❤ I don't even know where to start lol you covered so many for me already…perhaps we are related in some way? Regardless, I love this post. I speaks to me as if it was me speaking to me if that makes sense lol thank you! 🙂


    1. It reminds me of something someone told me about horoscopes: Most people will be able to relate to 90% of the advice in any horoscope column, since, apparently, we all so much in common.

      I just can’t figure out if our lack of true individuality is good or bad!

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  2. Lol I like to convince myself that I am oh so different but at the end of the day we’re all human ( i think lol) and yeah as someone who loves astrology I can safely say the horoscopes you read in the paper are so vuage that I agree at least 90% would relate lol


  3. I do the bug picture in every trip. I even move my lips when reading at times. I’m a big fan of chaos (bad at organizing, caring about organizing). I’m horribly flawed about very comfy in my own skin. I daydream about killing off those irritating people that occupy life. I get bored easy


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