Caricatures of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donal Trump

2016 election diatribe

The following list of things isn’t beneficial to the average citizen:

Free trade agreements, low minimum wage, no guaranteed sick leave, lack of taxation of the extremely wealthy and large corporate entities, tax havens, inversion, & the like, Citzens United and everything else allowing Big Money and a lack of transparency into politics, the revolving door between Big Pharma, Big Agra, & Big Insurance and federal agencies, the distentegrating social safety net, expensive college tuition, & a lack of affordable medical care.

The candidates that will soon represent our two biggest political parties either disagree with many points on the above list, haven’t supported them, or have contradicted themselves in terms of what they say they support and what they actually support. That leaves me in a quandry. While I’ve never voted anything but Democrat, every fiber of my being doesn’t support the neo-liberal, non-progressive turn the party has taken.

Will I vote Green for once, hoping Bernie Sanders will switch allegiances? Do I not vote at all? Or do I join others in galzanizing the millions of Americans sick of a political system that doesn’t work for them, hitting the streets until our footsteps–and voices–can’t be ignored? All I know is that it’s not working, it isn’t fair, it isn’t just, it isn’t good enough, and we can do better.


One thought on “2016 election diatribe

  1. Interesting questions. I don’t envy you as an American voter with a choice, as someone has said, between a psycho or a sociopath. The other choices are a spy or The Green candidate. Not voting is another choice but I always wonder if that benefits everyone else but you? Then again, it is also a democratic choice.


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