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8 movies you probably haven’t seen

Here are eight movies you probably haven’t seen but should, or may have seen but then forgotten about. If it’s the latter, see them again.

1.) How Much Do You Love Me?

A scene from the French film "How Much Do You Love Me"
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This is a French romantic comedy starring the Italian crossover beauty Monica Bellucci as a prostitute turned love interest. Think Pretty Woman turned on its head with a hint of surrealism. It even has a little dance number toward the end if memory serves.

2.) Advantageous. A female-centered sci-fi indie film from Canada hypothesizing what would happen if our obsession with looks was taken to the furthest extreme. Check it out.

3.) The Snapper.

A scene from the Irish film "The Snapper"
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Irish film from the early 90s about a girl from an overflowing household who gets pregnant and won’t reveal who the father is. Colm Meaney is in it and gives a fabulous performance as the feminist father who’s all heart and little forethought.

4.) Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist. This documentary is about Marco Pantani, possibly the best cyclist ever. He raced against Lance Armstrong and won. Unfortunately, so did his doping, which may or may not be tied to Mafia politics and other corrupt practices in the European cycling world.

5.) The Innocents.

Scene from the movie "The Innocents"
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I’m a psychological horror movie aficionado, and, even after having seen this 1961 film 10 times or more, it never fails to make me want to keep the light on at night.

6.) City of God. Big, bad, and Brazilian. I’m not much of a crime drama movie person, but this movie is absolutely gripping. Plus it’s that much more interesting because it’s one of the few Brazilian movies I’ve ever seen.

7.) The Long, Hot Summer.

A scene from "The Long, Hot Summer"
Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Of course “obscure” and “filmed a long time ago” are totally different, but you may have missed and/or been too young for this one. If that’s the case, watch the film whose set Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward fell in love on. And watch Orson Welles (as Will Varner) steal the show, even with a  nearly indecipherable accent.

8.) I want to write about 50 movies here, but I guess I’ll narrow it down to one: Tangerine. Filmed on three iPhones in Los Angeles, this indie film centers on the friendship between two trans prostitutes. It manages to be comedic yet poignant and has several scenes filmed in a Dunkin’ Donuts-like bakery. Highly recommend.


4 thoughts on “8 movies you probably haven’t seen

    1. Happy to hear other people heard of it. Reading about The Snapper led me to a review of one of the director’s other movies, Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, which I can’t wait to get my hands on.


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