A spoon pulling goop out of a pot

Think you know Goop? Take this quiz

Lately Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been making regular appearances in my inbox. I think I signed up for it out of a momentary curiosity that has since passed. Now I have this  newsletter for the VERY rich and/or famous–named after something that a 3-year-old plays with or a matron spreads on her face at night–staring me in the face every week. So I thought I’d make a little game out of it. Let’s get started. (Answers at the bottom)

1.) How much do you think this t-shirt costs?

pocket t

A.) $165 because, well, it’s on Goop.

B.) $6.99 because it’s clearly made in the same factory overseas as H&M’s stuff.

C.) $99.95 because it is just a t-shirt.

2.) What is the name of this coat?

frayed coat

A.) Off-lilac peacoat

B.) Frayed edge coat

C.) Women’s retro spring jacket


3.) How much would you sell these sweatpants for if you were Gwyneth Paltrow?


A.) $195.

B.) $29.95.

C.) $295.


4.) How much is this handmade “less stress formula” worth to Goop customers?

less stress

A.) $10.

B.) $29.95.

C.) $110.


5.) What is this neck adornment called?

gold band

A.) Solitaire crystal collar.

B.) 24-karat gold choker.

C.) Deruta crystal choker.


6.) Which of these is not a Goop best selling item?


A.) 4 of those glass tumblers for $80.

B.) The $455 alpha pouch.

C.) The stretch elastic detail skirt for $450.


7.) Guess which of these retails for under $500?

collage_under 500

A.) Resin tray with leather handles.

B.) Tall oxidized bronze candlestick with trumpeted rings.

C.) Fisherman sweater.


8.) How much richer will Gwyneth Paltrow be after selling you this keychain?


A.) $19.99 richer.

B.) $299 richer.

C.) $165 richer.



(1.) A   (2.) B   (3.) C   (4.) A   (5.) A   (6.) B   (7.) A   (8.) C




4 thoughts on “Think you know Goop? Take this quiz

  1. 1.)-A.) $165 >because the white stripes on the sleeves perfectly fit on the other white stripes on the blouse? Usually when it matches it’s not made in Wal Mart or something?
    2-C.) Women’s retro spring jacket?
    3-C.) $295. Because it’s something that this Gwyneth Paltrow would do?
    4-C.) $110?
    5-A.) Solitaire crystal collar?
    6-A.) 4 of those glass tumblers for $80?
    7-C.) Fisherman sweater?
    8-C.) $165 richer?
    (1.) A (2.) B (3.) C (4.) A (5.) A (6.) B (7.) A (8.) C
    Got 4 wrong! At least I was right about Gwyneth Paltrow being all charging so much. LOL!


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