A check cashing store with a mural painted outside it

Black + coding = problems?

I thought I’d share this post from Fusion about an unfortunate–but probably all too common–incident that many of us (read: white people or people privileged enough to not have to go to check cashing establishments) don’t have to deal with: 

These 37 tweets perfectly explain the barriers faced by black coding students

What should have been a simple visit to a cash a check turned into a troubling experience for one black coding student, according to entrepreneur Rodney Sampson.

In a series of tweets, Sampson described what happened when a student studying at Code Start—a 13-month-long coding and career readiness program—tried to cash his monthly stipend at Atlanta Check Cashing on Tuesday. The facility’s manager allegedly accused the student of trying to cash a check that wasn’t his and called the police, who reportedly detained him. (A representative from the Atlanta Police Department said no one was arrested during the exchange).

Sampson describes quickly arriving to the scene to try and help, the student dismayed and terrified, and the check cashing center blithely turning the other cheek. His tweets are worth reading in full.

You can read the full post here.


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