Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton, dream killer

Thank you, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of privilege, former hedge fund employee, and wife of financier, for pointing out that we should aim for the compromised ground instead of our dreams. Yes, 100s of countries around the world–including some as far flung as Brazil and Slovenia–manage to provide free college education to their citizens, but we, the United States, shouldn’t aim to do that because,

“‘ … (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t commit to things that she doesn’t have direct control over and that she knows kind of aren’t likely in the current political environment, in which we have 31 Republican governors, all of whom have cut public education the last couple of years.'”

Right. So, instead of changing minds and hearts and voting better politicians into office and ensuring that we give children of subsequent generations better lives, we should aim to be realistic. Unfortunately, as we all know, “realistic” is a euphemism for “let’s continue to sell out the Little Guy.” Whatever the case may be, when convenient, Chelsea misrepresents her mother’s “debt-free” college plan anyway. According to The Washington Post:

“It’s not often we see Chelsea Clinton publicly giving detailed policy answers on behalf of her mother on the campaign trail. In this case, she bungled her talking points and oversimplified components of her mother’s plan — ultimately misleading voters. We suggest she brush up on her talking points carefully the next time there is a question-and-answer session with voters.”

And Chelsea, how much higher education do you have? What was that? You studied at Oxford, Stanford, NYU, and Columbia? And how much debt are you in? I’d assume you’re an expert to be lecturing the rest of us.

Though Chelsea isn’t overly concerned about us not-as-privileged Americans having access to affordable education, she is concerned about poverty–and its consequences–in general:

“We have to do whatever we can to ensure that no child dies of diarrhea,” [Chelsea] said.

Yes, absolutely. But can’t we do that AND ensure that every American gets to go to college without worrying about gargantuan student loans? I would think that eliminating death by diarrhea–which currently affects some 750,000 children worldwide–is more daunting than making college affordable. Maybe Chelsea should campaign for her mom by advocating for a better future rather than one that stymies dreams.


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