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Your Friday forgotten song playlist

Here’s a list of songs you may have forgotten–or never knew existed. Enjoy.

  1. This barely known soul number, “After Laughter” by Wendy Renee, ranks up there with any song by the Temptations, Smokey Robinson, or the Supremes. And I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard it before. Give it a listen
  2. From soul to soulful folk rock: Billy Bragg singing Woodie Guthrie’s “Union Prayer.” If you live in a Right-to-Work state this song will be particularly poignant.
  3. Never heard of Grimes? I may not have either if it weren’t for an article in the New Yorker about the Canadian-born singer. And don’t ask if this song is 80’s New Wave, because it’s not. It was produced just a few years ago.
  4. Since we’re delving into Hipster territory, let’s take it a step further: Of Montreal’s version of MIA’s “Jimmy.” It’s just good. This funky remake is preferable to the original version.
  5. The entirety of  the album Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs because it’s freakin’ fantastic, and no one seems to remember it. It didn’t get anywhere near enough radio play during the 90’s. It’s dark. Be warned.
  6. What happens when you put the Pogues, the Clash’s Joe Strummer, and some atmospheric instrumental music together? You get the Sid and Nancy soundtrack. Give it a listen.
  7. Now on to something a little more upbeat. Circus C-Mon and Kypski singing some Amsterdam klezmer music. If it sounds super-electronic at first, just hang in there for the klezmer part.
  8. Here’s to hoping summer comes soon, so we can actually do the activity the song describes: Loudon Wainwright and “The Swimming Song.” 
  9. Get your cool on while Laid Back sings “Bakerman.” Somehow this was on an 80’s New Wave collection, though it’s about as far from 80’s New Wave as you can get.
  10. And I’m sure you didn’t forget this one. How could you when it’s such a classic? Pharcyde, “Passin’ Me By.” And, since that song’s a bit of a downer, I’ll leave you with “Bongo Bong” by Manu Chao. 

Well, I guess that’s actually several dozen songs, not ten. It should last you the rest of the work day. Whatever it takes to get you through.


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