An ugly lamb cake

Easter Cake Fails

I didn’t grow up in a religious household, so sometimes I have trouble making connections between things. For example, Jesus, Easter, and lamb cake.

This command—that the Passover lamb not have its legs broken—carries symbolic weight. When Jesus, whom John the Baptist proclaimed to be “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29), was crucified, not one of his bones was broken.

As we can see there is only a prohibition against breaking a lamb’s legs, not baking a cake that resembles a lamb, something many people have attempted to do, thinking it will turn out looking like this:

Photo courtesy of

Or it could turn out looking like a sad shaggy dog:

Photo courtesy of The Connor Chronicles

Or worse, a devil dog:

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Or this poor dog, who’s been punched in the face:

Photo courtesy of

Or possibly a lamb, who, if it could speak, would bleat, “Help! Help me, Jesus!”

Photo courtesy of

Of course you could give up on the lamb cake altogether and go with an Easter Bunny. Preferably one that doesn’t look like it was molded from poo and then run over by a car:

Photo courtesy of

Had it with animal cakes? Go with a purple Easter lump:

Photo courtesy of

Whichever animal you choose, bake that Easter cake at your own risk. Consider throwing it away if it looks like whatever Rosemary was rocking in that cradle at the end of the movie.



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