Recycled happiness: Two clicks away

Two clicks away in the header on, you may have noticed there’s a “store” tab. It’s a place where I can sell the crafts I make in my home via e-commerce. That means you can safely provide the e-commerce site–Etsy–with your credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet number, then wait for a week while a fantastic group we call the postal service carries my handmade object directly to your home. Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s me hard at work on my craft of the moment: bottle cap art:

A woman crafting on a coffee table with a beer nearby

You might notice the beer on the coffee table. Purely work related, I assure you. If I don’t drink beer, I don’t have bottle caps, and I can’t make bottle cap crafts. Yes, you could argue that I could go for even less of a footprint and brew my own beer, which might or might not need bottle caps anyway, but, in order to do that, I need money. But enough with money. Back to my bottle cap art.

I thought it would look cool if I punched out a funky background, then, on some of the backgrounds, added a face with cardboard behind it to give it a 3-D look. Then I add Modge Podge, this glue-like substance that you put in the bottle cap to seal the magazine paper and make it all shiny.

Handmade bottle cap magnets

Last, I glue a magnet on the back:

The backside of bottle cap magnets

Then, there are my other pieces:


I frequent thrift stores and rarely say no when someone offers me a secondhand object–or something new that it turns out they don’t need. Many of these objects have become perfect canvasses for my bottle caps.

For instance, this upcycled spoon rest. “Upcycled” is how kids these days describe objects that have been re-purposed into something functional and possibly aesthetically pleasing.


One day I stopped into a store that sells handmade crafts to see if they’d be willing to sell my bottle cap art, and they showed me these amazing bags and boxes that someone in Indonesia made out of upcycled paper.

When I got home, I thought, “I bet I can make something like that.”

And, fortunately for me, so did hundreds of people who make tutorial videos on YouTube. That’s how I started making these boxes out of recycled cardboard and magazine paper. Pretty nifty, right?


So, why did I write this post? Because I’m trying to trade my crafts for the going currency in our nation-state: dollar bills. That way I can trade the dollar bills for coffee, a soft pillow to rest my head on, deodorant to cover my body odor with, and bike repairs. Hell, if I make enough of those dollar bills, I might be able to take a vacation! Alternate items, such as turquoise beads, gold bars, or land, are accepted too.


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