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A reflection on rejection (cont.)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s rejection diatribe. Don’t worry, today I’ll be delving into the good stuff: romantic rejections.

Now it gets juicy. A rejection email from someone I had a brief romance with:

2 bird statues, 1 bird rejecting the other
Photo courtesy of Ben Kerckx at pixabay.com

Hi S—–,

I’m sorry about the way things have turned out between us, and I don’t mean that to sound like we fell in a ditch or something. I have never had anything but good feelings toward you, and I would sooner give up on a lot of other things than I would give up being friends with you. No, I don’t want there to be any awkwardness.

As for the rest of your e-mail, I’m not going to go into a vastly theoretical examination of feelings and quibbles about what I might have said or how you could have construed it – that would be fake as hell, stupid, and I don’t mean to be that guy. Basically, I will just say that I am sorry, and that I haven’t the foggiest as to why things ended up this way or why I am the way I am. You’re a very beautiful girl, and I really enjoy spending time with you. As for that sort of “spark” or whatever that causes us to pursue people, it was definitely there when you left, and I thought about you a lot after you were gone, but somewhere along the line, well, I just stopped feeling it. It wasn’t because of anything you did, or didn’t do. Maybe it was the distance. Maybe it was the huge amount of stuff I was trying to throw myself into here – I don’t know. Like I said, no vastly theoretical examinations. I just wasn’t really feeling the same about things when you got back, and I thought I would. I really, honestly, thought that things would be awesome, etc. I don’t know.

Also, as for what you were saying about the cards we’re dealt in life – I have thought about the fact that life doesn’t always pony up and hand us, free of complications, anything that we’re looking for. If it did, I would drink a lot more, because life would be a hell of a lot more boring. On the other hand, after you left, my life got complicated by the bucket loads, and it started me examining a lot of things. I don’t want to go into everything, which may have been why I came off as a bit insincere earlier – I’m sorry about that. I’ve got some baggage that I don’t really want to dish on – maybe some time when there’s a bit more time on top of it.

So, no, I don’t think that there will be a ton of weirdness or anything. I hope not. I don’t planning on being weird. Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday (possibly Friday by now). I’ll talk to you again soon.



And, to finish things off, a little mini-rejection in response to a pathetic late night “I miss you” email:

That’s a harsh question…. I do miss you, if you believe me. I didn’t think I should tell you, I thought it wouldn’t be fair on you. I’m not sure you’d be too happy if I met you and told you that, but also that I’m just not in a position to offer you anything more tangible. Somehow I thought it’d be better of me to let you get on with your life. I also guess I’ve not much idea of what you’re thinking, of what you want – whether you even think of me. But since you’re asking, I should tell you, I’ve always thought that you’re an attractive woman and have a lot going for you, and I still think that now. It’s just that I don’t think I’m reliable now, I live at erratic times, and can’t deal with having to answer to anyone else right now.

Anyway, I’m not sure what this email will achieve, other than probably confusing you. Pondering whether to actually send it or not…


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