Brazil, pizza, and Jessica Jones. With a recipe.

I know you’re dying of curiosity to know how I spent my New Year’s Eve. Let me put your mind at ease: it was fun in the most low-key way imaginable. I finished Brazil, a lesser known John Updike novel, made pizza from scratch, then binge watched Jessica Jones until 2am. It was great.

While I’ve spent many New Year’s Eves being social, my boyfriend had a bad cold, and we were both exhausted (see previous post about my cat). So inside we stayed, and boy was it wonderful. Midnight came and went, and I barely even noticed. Probably because I was in a homemade pizza coma.

I’m sure this is becoming redundant, but if I can make something I’m pretty sure you can too. That goes for pizza crust. So quit buying those Boboli or Mama Mary’s or–God forbid–Pillsbury ones. Make your own pizza in 4 simple steps:

1.) Follow this dough recipe or any other basic dough recipe out there. Just a note: I use whole wheat flour, not the bread flour this recipe calls for. Use whatever appeals to you.

2.) Warm up your pizza stone for at least 20 minutes. It’ll give you crispier crust.

3.) Most good pizza dough recipes will tell you to leave the dough in the fridge for anywhere from several hours up to 24. That requires forethought, which I usually don’t have and I can tell you that NOT refrigerating the dough won’t leave you with awful pizza crust.

4.) Prebake the crust. Usually 10-15 minutes is fine depending on how crispy you like it. It should come out looking like this. Of course you can prettify it by rounding the edges of the dough, which I didn’t do (It was just my boyfriend and I, and we were tired. Come on.):Pizza dough on a pizza stone

The rest of your homemade pizza is up to you. Here’s what we added:

A plate with olives and pepperocini on it
Green olives for my half and pickled pepperocini for both sides.


Organic chicken sausage, frying in a pan
Organic chicken sausage.


Container of parmesan cheese
Pretty self-explanatory. I like moderate amounts of cheese on my pizza, but my boyfriend likes gobs.


Tomato sauce bubbling in a pot
Homemade, quick tomato sauce. I’ll cover that in a different blog.


Pizza finished on a pizza stone
Here’s what was responsible for my food coma.

I hope that, whatever you did, your New Year’s Eve was an enjoyable as mine. If you follow my advice and make your own crust, let me know how it goes.


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