A crest of money and Donald Trump with a golf club

Trump 101: A Course in inequality

For years, the notion that a luxury golf course would be built in the city’s most impoverished borough struck many as the equivalent of handing a camisole to a person with frostbite.

–Excerpt from The New York Times

Can we look back for a moment at what Trump actually stands for? Yes, rampant inequality, inherited wealth, and cronyism. Sure, I know the idea of having a man who blusters away at world leaders as though it’s an episode of “The Apprentice” is appealing:

“You’re fired!”

“No, as matter of fact, I am still president of Russia.”

But have the majority of Trump supporters, who couldn’t afford to fly to New York City and golf here, thought about what will actually happen if Trump is elected? There’s a good chance we might end up with more subsidized golf courses–NYC contributed a cool $127 mill. to Trump Golf Links–than subsidized housing.

As the PGA Tour, LPGA, USGA and PGA of America were issuing a joint statement that Trump Golf Links went against “…our strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf,” the residents of nearby Throggs Neck Houses were dealing with “swamps and eruptions.”

Yes, swamps and eruptions. In a public housing project adjacent to Trump’s golf course, resident Betty Whitaker deals with mold and chipped plaster that leaves such a strong stench that it often drives her out of her apartment.

Photo courtesy of The Bronx Free Press

And Betty’s situation isn’t as bad as many of her neighbors: resident Alexander Malloy has to deal with regular influxes of raw sewage:

“It’s like a volcano; you can’t stop it,” said Malloy of the flood of raw sewage that spills out from his bathtub, his sink, and toilet bowl, and floods into his apartment.

(For more on the sewage, watch this YouTube video)

Could that $127 million have been used to make the Bronx’s housing projects more habitable? Trump’s buddy, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, didn’t think so. He was too busy enjoying the view of billionaire’s row while practicing his swing.

The level of inequality President Trump would bring is downright unimaginable.


8 thoughts on “Trump 101: A Course in inequality

    1. Hahaha, yes, maybe. I don’t want to think of Trump as a reality just yet. Of course Ted Cruz or Chris Christie would be equally as scary, but I’d rather watch Trump try to debate Bernie. Cruz is a master debater and orator. He makes me more nervous than a guy like Trump who has his foot permanently in his mouth.


  1. What I’ve noticed since Bush the First, is a system of reverse civilization and further privatization. This means for us that citizens have become “the other.” The other is a small part of the pie monetarily but represents a huge population. I’d vote for Trump, because he’s ignorant even if my vote counts for ignorance it’s the devil you know that matters.


      1. It has to get worse before citizens want to do something about it. Then, a guy like Bernie could come and save the day. Not before though, when gas is still cheap and at least some of the public programs are still there.


      2. I can see that. There’s a bit of yellow kid journalism in everything now people have many truths so readers tend to pick the most sensational. I would like Bernie to win if he could engage his constituents like he does the public. I think that’s where Barack’s hair turned gray. I think it needs to get worse before people want to vote for change.


  2. I think I got what you’re saying about Trump VS Bernie. I apologize. If you look at them, or all of them without names. Whoever has the agenda with the most change will be against the status quo. I just learned this and it seems reasonable.

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