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Life of a serf (part 4): A certification in WHAT?

Do you remember when I posted about my awful HR experience at the community college where I teach? Where I couldn’t even get an interview for a marketing copywriter position? Well, in spite of the fact that HR refused to interview me (“The candidates selected for interview showed experience writing brochures, marketing materials and news releases for schools & colleges”), the position has been “re-advertised” and I’m invited to reapply.

What the f@ck does that mean? Does it mean that they selected someone who just didn’t work out? Or that maybe the candidates the HR Business Partner picked out didn’t impress the marketing department? Whatever the case, this got me thinking about the HR Business Partner’s qualifications.

Her email signature is as follows:

Jennifer Pohler-Walsh*, PHR, SHRM-CP

Now I know my acronyms: LCSW, PsyD, JD, PhD, MA, MFA, BFA, LSAT, MCAT, AAS, ACT, SAT, CPA, just to name a few. Give me any common acronym, and, even if I don’t know exactly what it stands for, I’ll do my best to sound it out. But PHR? And SHRM-CP?

After my bizarre dealings with HR at this community college, I just had to look up these titles. Here’s what I found:

PHR: It looks like this one stands for Personal Health Record. According to, it’s something that can “Sometimes…save you the money and inconvenience of repeating routine medical tests.” That sounds pretty positive. I’d certainly appreciate it if Jennifer Pohler-Walsh saved me money on my medical bills. Particularly because I’m uninsured.

SHRM-CP: Thanks to Tim & Eric, I know this one well. I think it’s really an appropriate certification for someone in the HR department: 

I plan to sleep nightmare-free tonight now that I understand the purpose Jennifer Pohler-Walsh serves: to help me save on medical costs. By pooing on me.

*Unfortunately, this name had to be changed to protect this woman’s privacy


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