Close up of granola

Homemade granola

I’m the kind of cook that rarely goes out shopping intending to make a specific recipe. Sometimes I just decide I want to cook/bake, and I’m going to use whatever the f@ck is my kitchen RIGHT NOW. I’ll leave things out (often a lot of the sugar that recipes call for) and swap out several other ingredients.

I took a nap after work today, then woke up and realized I had two potlucks to attend this weekend and nothing to bring. After looking in the cupboard and seeing 2 bars of baking chocolate and a bag of cocoa powder, I thought, “Why not something chocolatey?”

That’s how I ended up baking granola for the last hour and a half. I thought granola would be a nice, crunchy addition to fudge or brownies or cookies. Following this recipe from the Food Network, I jumped into uncharted territory. Here are my thoughts:

1.) There seemed to be too many oats/nuts to liquid, so I added extra maple syrup.

2.) I substituted regular salted almonds that had been smashed with a hammer for slivered almonds.

3.) The granola isn’t as clumpy as I’d like, which could be due in part to the fact that I used regular sugar instead of brown sugar (not in my cupboard, guys. You think I’m running to the store at 8pm? Pffft.).

4.) I added some vanilla extract and cinnamon. I love cinnamon in granola.

5.) The recipe calls for stirring the granola around on the baking pan every 15 minutes. I only did it twice.

Here’s what I ended up with:



Here’s what I really ended up with. Enough yummy granola for 5 months. My takeaway is that while it didn’t clump as much as I would have liked, the taste is great–in part because of the salted almonds. I love salty/sweet combos.



4 thoughts on “Homemade granola

  1. Hahaha I am like that sometimes too! Having the urge to bake/cook something anything and then I peer into my fridge/pantry for random substitutes sometimes the results are great sometimes I gotta admit they turn out horrendous! But your granolas look great! I should make my own soon!

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