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21 objects to meditate on

Last Saturday I spent 3 hours at the Kadampa Meditation Center listening to a lecture called “Life Is but a Dream.” The concepts were dense, and I didn’t feel that I was at such an advanced place of understanding yet in my own practice, but the talk left me feeling serene. I have yet to leave a Buddhist lecture that didn’t benefit me–that’s your sales pitch if you’ve never been to one.

I thought for all those suffering, in every sense of the word, I’d share this list of topics to meditate on from the Kadampa website. I’m sure each of us can find at least one item on the list that resonates with us.

There are many different virtuous objects of meditation, but the most meaningful are the twenty-one objects of Lamrim meditation:

  1. Our precious human life
  2. Death and impermanence
  3. The danger of lower rebirth
  4. Refuge practice
  5. Actions and their effects
  6. Developing renunciation for samsara
  7. Developing equanimity
  8. Recognizing that all living beings are our mothers
  9. Remembering the kindness of living beings
  10. Equalizing self and others
  11. The disadvantages of self-cherishing
  12. The advantages of cherishing others
  13. Exchanging self with others
  14. Great compassion
  15. Taking
  16. Wishing love
  17. Giving
  18. Bodhichitta
  19. Tranquil abiding
  20. Superior seeing
  21. Relying upon a Spiritual Guide



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