Those midnight snacks could impair your memory

Interesting little tidbit. Check it out.


You may want to think twice before helping yourself to a regular midnight snack. Eating late at night could take a toll on our brain, according to early research out of UCLA. Science has to take the fun out of everything, huh?

It all comes down to our circadian rhythm. The rhythm, a kind of biological clock, operates on a roughly 24-hour cycle and controls bodily functions such as the release of hormones, body temperature, and of course, our sleep-wake cycle. Disrupting the circadian rhythm can negatively impact our health in a host of ways, from weakening our immune system to triggering type 2 diabetes.

“We have this illusion that with the flip of a switch, we can work at any time and part of that is eating at any time,” lead researcher and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at UCLA Christopher Colwell explained to TODAY / NBC News. “But our biological systems — that’s not the way they work. They…

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