My Top Ten List for Montreal

I’ve been to Montreal four times now. While that still makes me a tourist, it makes me a pretty regular one. I’ve gone to not only the Tourism Bureau-recommended destinations, but have been introduced to some cool spots by locals.Here are my top ten recommendations of what to do if you find yourself in Montreal:

  1. Go to Atwater Market. Yes, the Bureau of Tourism will also recommend it, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy.  It’s quaint and features indoor and outdoor sections (yes, even winter!). You can find cans of Maple Syrup, delectable cheeses, fresh meats, and then stop at the wonderful bakery, Nos Noveautex Deserts, once you’ve bought all the meat/gifts/flowers/veggies you can carry. Once you’re relaxing at Nos Noveautex, be sure to have a Café au Lait paired with a Croissant and one of dozens of spectacular deserts or sweet pastries.            IMG_0077Atwater3
  2. See the nightly fountain show at the Complexe Desjardins. It spouts, it plays classical music, and it has a light show. The lights will be dimmed for about 10 minutes, so it could be a good opportunity for a romantic moment.                                                                                                                                                                                          Montreal_fountain
  3. Go to the Mile-End. It’s hipster, it’s funky, it’s ethnic. See my previous post.
  4. Stroll through Old Montreal, being sure to enjoy the cobblestones, stop in the Christmas ornament shops (especially in summer), check out a mass in the Notre Dame Basilica, and go to the far east end by the river where you can admire the Molson factory and clock tower against the backdrop of the Saint Lawrence.                  Old Montreal1
  5. If you’re in Montreal in the fall, enjoy restaurant week or the film festival. If you’re there in the summer, listen to the jazz festival, and if you’re there in the winter, go to the Montreal High Lights Festival.
  6. Get lost on Mount Royal, making sure to stop at the Mount Royal Cross , the Mount Royal Chalet, and the Georges-Étienne Cartier monument.                                                      Mount Royal1IMG_2135
  7. Soak in the waters on the water at Bota Bota. Yes, it’s a floating spa and it’s only $35 on weekdays before 11am or after 6pm.
  8. Go to Schwartz’s Deli and order a pound or more of their hot smoked meat. Resist the urge to go back once you’ve finished it.                                                                                                                                                                           ???????????????????????????????
  9. Listen to some music, preferably at Bistro a JoJo on St. Denis, where on a weekday afternoon you can hear a really good duo play a combo of crowd pleasers including Pink Floyd, Live, and Bob Dylan.
  10. Pick up a cute Montrealer at a craft beer bar like the Cheval Blanc or Vices Versa.

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